Thursday, January 2, 2014

Breaking stereotypes

     When last we left out hero she was working on Library Girl's questions.  So maybe hero is too strong a term but I have always wanted to use that phrase.  So I am working on my online presence and growing my virtual PLN.  So far so good.  The encouragement from library girl did help.
       Jennifer's question 8 is How will you dispel negative/outdated library stereotypes?  Number one, I don't run a quiet library except when necessary.  We talk about books sometimes quietly, sometimes with great gestures across the library.  My media center has music playing.  I leave the library.  I help find resources.  Not just books - resources.  Ebooks through NCWiseowl, websites, primary source documents, audio clips, etc.  Now I need to plan to collaborate regularly rather than letting it happen organically or by chance.  Now I need to reach back out to the teachers who haven't let me help before at least one more time.  I won't just create and deliver instruction, I will help assess.  On a much lighter note, I will buy at least one pair of shoes that are not sensible since I simply must have my glasses and the occasional cardigan.

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