Monday, December 30, 2013

Library Girl's 11 questions

     I should confess that I am a huge fan of Jennifer LaGarde aka Library Girl.  I met Jennifer at NCSLMA in 2012 and instantly became a groupie.  She proved why I needed Twitter in my life to learn and efficiently grab the newest and best ideas.  Then she started popping up in professional developments for NCDPI with her humorous but frank thoughts.  So it should come as no surprise that when Library Girl posts, I read.
     I already mentioned I am not making New Year's resolutions this year.  They just do not work for me.  After reading the latest from Library Girl, I know I am in good company.  I am intrigued by her 11 questions that need answers.  But as a former band director, I just cannot answer all of them at once nor probably in order.  Truthfully, I do not have an answer for some of the questions which bothers me.
     So I am starting with questions 9 and 10 - "How will you grow your PLN?" and "How will you help strengthen our profession by sharing your work beyond the walls of your school?"
     My PLN is becoming increasingly virtual.  I find myself mentioning things that bloggers say to my assistant.  Almost all of my display ideas are found on Pinterest and tweaked by my students.  I mark tweets as favorites so I can come back to them and even lurk in chats.  Yes lurk.  I admit it.  Have you ever tried to respond in real time with a 4 year old tapping on your iPad?  Perhaps those of you with creative lap dogs or cats can relate.
     My answer to both questions 9 and 10 is...  I will post rather than just read.  I will try to participate in chats and rely on my fabulous hubby to entertain our son.  I will retweet great thoughts and tweet when I post.  I will sit with new people at meetings so I may glean new ideas.  I will embrace that I may not know everything but no one does.  And maybe, just maybe, the things I know are what someone else needs to know.  I will no longer merely consume information, I will create it!
     Boy do I feel powerful right now.  Serving a cupcake to Jennifer Lagarde.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting ready for the new year

      So 2014 is almost here.  I have decided not to make any personal New Year's resolutions because... well because I usually last about 20 days.  Then I dive into a bag of Cheetos, sleep in rather than walk, and watch all the healthy but perishable food wilt away in my refrigerator.
      But this year is promising a grand adventure.  The librarian in me always has to plan, plan, plan so I can prepare for what is to come.  In looking over my research of the past few weeks I realized I am reading A LOT of blogs.  Many of them are award winning from other librarians and several of them written by moms who are trying to juggle work and home successfully.
      And then my lightbulb went off!  Maybe someone needs to hear my journey.  My triumphs and successes and my attempts and inevitable failures.  My thoughts and feelings with honesty and humor.
        Welcome to the Scattered thoughts of the Marble-less Librarian.