Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting ready for the new year

      So 2014 is almost here.  I have decided not to make any personal New Year's resolutions because... well because I usually last about 20 days.  Then I dive into a bag of Cheetos, sleep in rather than walk, and watch all the healthy but perishable food wilt away in my refrigerator.
      But this year is promising a grand adventure.  The librarian in me always has to plan, plan, plan so I can prepare for what is to come.  In looking over my research of the past few weeks I realized I am reading A LOT of blogs.  Many of them are award winning from other librarians and several of them written by moms who are trying to juggle work and home successfully.
      And then my lightbulb went off!  Maybe someone needs to hear my journey.  My triumphs and successes and my attempts and inevitable failures.  My thoughts and feelings with honesty and humor.
        Welcome to the Scattered thoughts of the Marble-less Librarian.

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